Senior Bookkeeper Manager - Anywhere!

  • Liz Is All Biz, Inc.
  • Remote
  • Aug 18, 2020
Full time Accounting Finance Management

Job Description

Position available in a fast-paced, boutique finance & accounting office. While our office is in San Francisco, *your* office can be anywhere the internet goes. Particularly seeking applicants who are looking for a long-term work relationship!  We create and maintain bookkeeping systems, manage accounts payable and receivables, file sales & payroll taxes for small businesses, non-profits and independent contractors. We are looking to add to our small team of finance professionals to help support some of the coolest clients in the country.

At Liz Is All Biz, Inc, we are committed to improving and enriching the lives of women and people of color - clients and co-workers - by changing their relationship with money.

As a Senior Bookkeeper, you will be working with both clients and internal staff to share and educate on best practices for managing financial information.

To advise clients, you are already able to discover and understand a client’s operational reality and translate that into a flow of financial information that enables them to feel empowered and equipped to meet their goals as business owners.

To support internal staff and client training, you will be expected to understand complex tasks and be able to break them down into simple steps for others to get the work done.

Liz Is All Biz, Inc is constantly changing and growing as a firm. As such, you are also willing and able to jump into new challenges to share your findings and proposals for ways to move forward. This could mean jumping into a billing process improvement, developing training materials, or connecting with our community to find out how we can make a bigger impact on the lives of those we serve.

Skills required:

■ Software:● Quickbooks Online● Xero● Google Suite● Dropbox

■ Financial Statements:● Profit and Loss statements● Balance Sheets● AR Summary/Detail● AP Summary/Detail

Skills preferred:

■ Software:● Asana project management● Payroll processors: Gusto, Paychex, Payality, ADP, etc● e-Commerce sites: Shopify, Squarespace, Restaurant delivery services

■ Tax Filing Topics:● Sales Tax accounts and filings● SF gross receipts, property taxes● Business license registrations● Out of state and foreign withholding


■ Client support

● Client communication:● Deliver reports to clients (15th and 30th reporting cycles)● Manage client calls/meetings● Quality control and project management for ALL client activity● Bookkeeping:○ Monthly:● Transaction acceptance● Reconcile bank, credit card, and investment accounts against statements● Record payroll and sales breakouts based on 3rd party reports

○ Ad hoc:● Identify how data is flowing through an account to problem solve an issue● Assist with sales platform integration issues such as mis-matched transactions within an auto-mated process        ● Resolve unknown or missing transactions based onclient feedback

○ Accounts Payable:● Prepare and submit invoices● Document received payments● Identify items to follow up on AP aging reports○ Accounts Receivable:● Match deposits to invoices● Identify items to follow up on AR aging reports

● Employer payroll accounts:○ Run payroll for clients bi-monthly or monthly○ Process quarterly filings and annual payroll tax payments○ Set-up and closure of employer accounts across multiple states       

● Sales tax:○ Calculate and prepare pre-payments○ Prepare and file quarterly filings○ Set up new sales tax accounts for new businesses

■ Project Management:

● Internal staffing: ● Follow up on assigned tasks to confirm questions and completion ● Identify training needs among staff ● Prioritization and Documentation: ● Maintain priority lists● Add new details and instructions to