Valor is a leadership and performance coaching platform, focused on energizing and empowering leaders, teams, and organizations to achieve and sustain peak performance.  We provide the necessary skills, analytics, and coaching for leaders to operate at full capacity under pressure - and avoid burnout.

Backed by top venture capitalists and paying clients, Valor closes the professional training gap through a comprehensive software and coaching platform.

We combine the insights of world-class coaches and athletes with analytics, technology, and research for leaders to compete in a business environment that is evolving and demanding.

Our team includes elite Olympic athletes, professional performance coaches, technologists, designers, and academics - all pioneers, dreamers, and doers - tethered together by a passion for sustained peak performance.

“Being a part of Valor includes building a company while also building character - for our clients, our coaches, and ourselves” - Founder and CEO of Valor, Sarah Milby.