Pennsylvania Health Law Project

PHLP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit law firm that represents Pennsylvanians who need help getting or keeping Medicaid (also known as Medical Assistance or MA).   

Through our Helpline, we serve thousands of individuals from across the state each year. We listen to our a client's story and we translate their personal experience into a legal problem to be solved. Sometimes that means challenging a decision to deny or stop Medicaid benefits. We also challenge Medicaid plans when they reduce or deny services.

Taking what we learn from individual cases, we advocate for large-scale policy changes that help others across the state. We also build capacity among consumers, providers, and other advocates by getting out in the community to provide education and training.  Using the law and advocacy, we ensure that Pennsylvanians meet their most basic needs and have a pathway to opportunity. 

$3,200 - $3,500 monthly
Pennsylvania Health Law Project Remote (Pennsylvania, USA)
Jul 14, 2020
Full time
JOB ANNOUNCEMENT – July 1, 2020   Outreach and Community Navigators The Pennsylvania Health Law Project (PHLP) seeks an energetic, confident, and culturally sensitive individual for an exciting and new initiative: identifying marginalized communities struggling to get tested and treated for COVID-19, targeting outreach efforts to these communities to increase awareness of testing and treatment sites and resources, and helping individuals in these communities connect to COVID-19 related services as well as other health care services and/or health care coverage.  Low-income and marginalized communities—especially Black communities—are being hardest hit by COVID-19.  Infection and mortality rates remain high.  Testing and treatment remain too low.  PHLP is seeking to hire navigators to help us partner with community-based organizations to develop and disseminate information about testing and treatment for COVID-19 and to drive individuals to PHLP’s legal services for...