Hopkins School


Hopkins School, the 3rd oldest independent school in the country, has a distinguished history that spans more than 350 years. Hopkins is an independent, coeducational, college-preparatory day school for grades 7-12. Located on a 108-acre campus overlooking New Haven, the School takes pride in its distinguished faculty and dedicated staff.

Students who need and love a challenge flourish at Hopkins.  We are a hub of intellectual curiosity where families, students, and invested educators work together in our collective pursuit of excellence.

Our students come from families of varied ethnic, socio-economic, and cultural backgrounds who value education. If there is any common denominator, it is that our students are eager to learn, willing to work hard, and consistently place among the top ten percent of students in the nation in standardized testing. Hopkins classes are small – the average size is 12.

Our curriculum and distributional requirements ensure grounding in basic skills, exposure to a wide variety of subject matter and teaching styles, and rigorous preparation for advanced study. In addition, because Hopkins believes that informed and involved citizenship can be nurtured through the cultivation of a wide range of interests, the school encourages students to participate in extracurricular activities.


We define ourselves as a community of civility and learning, one that educates students from diverse backgrounds to a full measure of their talents and humanity. Together, we seek to:

• Develop in our young people the habits of mind of scholars as the foundation for a lifelong love of learning;

• Foster the courage to live and think as distinct individuals who embrace their responsibilities in the larger world;

• Expose every student to the deep satisfaction that derives from service to others;

• Enlarge the educational experience to include the creative joy and aesthetic sensibility of the artist, and the vitality and competitive spirit of the athlete;

• Provide, through the School’s advisers, the wisdom and goodwill necessary to guide our young people to confident self-reliance; and

• Nurture the development of character essential to a rich and purposeful life.


Equity & Community compel the fullest participation and widest perspectives in order to animate and enrich all experiences represented within the Hopkins community–past, present, and not least, future. As such, the Office of Equity & Community at Hopkins is responsible for promoting a warm, welcoming culture through self-awareness, mutual respect, and integrity, on and beyond the Hill. We uphold caring, compassionate, and critical community members as essential to an inclusive school. Further, we seek to elevate and center historically marginalized perspectives while celebrating Hopkins’ storied history, recognizing the productive tensions held within a school both forward-thinking and rich in tradition. Accordingly, we empower our community through activities, clubs, and programming; hold each other accountable to Hopkins’ core values and institutional vision, and embrace one another as lifelong learners.